What is Heritage House?
Heritage HouseMany people call Heritage House a hotel, but the response we got from a photographer who kept referring to us as a hotel during an on-property photo shoot was quite different from any other. "Take it as a compliment,” he insisted when we told him we’re a bed and breakfast, “Hotels are the gold standard for your industry." 

In our eyes we're not better or less than a hotel. Just different. And we don’t aspire to be a hotel. There are people who won't stay anywhere but a hotel when they travel and there are those who love being at home while on the road. We understand that one size does not fit all. Travelers have a range of accommodation options to choose from based on price, purpose of trip, level of service required, location/proximity to points of interests, kind of experience they are looking for etc. We started Heritage House to be our guests' St. Lucian home and we chose a name to try to reflect what we are.


We think it's OK to give our guests a glimpse into our island and its history through our decor, our mini cultural display, our food, our hospitality. We encourage guests to go out exploring: take the bus, eat local from the food stall on the beach, see our beautiful island.  Most of our guests enjoy earning some Lucian stripes, and they reciprocate by sharing a bit of their own way of life with us. 


We hoped that ‘house’ would communicate that we are less of a hotel but more like home. We're a smaller scaled property (7 rooms), offering a more personal touch, and more opportunity to interact with staff and other guests. When we see our guests walking around the property barefoot or whipping up something in the shared kitchen then offering a taste to staff and fellow guests, it really feels like home.

So, while we do provide all basic amenities, we’re ideal for the independent traveler who doesn’t mind a non-hotel experience. We’re the best deal in high-priced Rodney Bay!

We are located:

Some facilities at Heritage House

Internet - Free WiFi
Private bathroom and shower
Iron/ironing board
Cable channels
Air Conditioning
Free Toiletries
Printing Facilities
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